Get ready.


The facts speak for themselves.

Business majors are among the most in-demand graduates in the United States. However, many of them lack the critical skills needed to begin their careers.

  • Today’s college seniors are less likely to have had real-world work experience than any previous generation for which data exists.
  • In a recent poll, HR managers identified two-thirds of new graduates as only “somewhat ready” to work. Fewer than 15% were estimated to be “ready to hit the ground running.”
  • Nearly 75% of employers say they struggle to find graduates with the soft skills needed to succeed.

In a hiring environment where unpreparedness is the norm, there is one clear way to set yourself apart: be prepared.

Career Preparation that Starts on Day One

The Business Scholars Program is an application-focused educational journey that couples traditional business education with practical, real-world experience — resulting in highly sought career-ready graduates. The BSP faculty and staff closely follow the research on hiring trends and employer demands, and dynamically tailor the program to respond to emerging needs.

In addition to high-quality business curriculum, BSP students are immersed in both actual and simulated corporate environments; given the opportunity to analyze and consult on complex real-world problems; and connected to business leaders and entrepreneurs across numerous industries.

The program offers both a minor and a major in Business, with six optional areas of concentration available within the major.

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Analytics
  • International Business
  • Technology and Design Management

Scholars pursuing either a major or a minor also participate in a number of the program’s workshops and events.

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"I've supervised two Hanover Business Scholars. My experience was consistent, impactful and successful. I didn't have to worry about the things employers often find frustrating with some millennial employees, like not knowing how to problem-solve or communicate. My Hanover interns were smart, professional and quick learners. They brought incredible perspective - and not just from their age group, but from a larger world view."

Robin Miller, Executive Director, Main Street Association