Updated June 11


Based on the easing of restrictions across our state and region, face coverings are now optional for employees, but are still strongly encouraged for un-vaccinated individuals.

Anyone is free to wear a face covering at any time, and employees have the right to ask others to wear face coverings in their own offices or classrooms. Please continue to keep a face covering with you.


Hanover College will be face-to-face again this Fall and is committed to providing a safe campus for students and employees. We are also excited to return to a less-restrictive campus environment. However, for Hanover College to operate as close to “normal” as possible, it’s important that we achieve the highest possible COVID-19 vaccination rate. Given medical and religious exemptions allowed by law, it is impossible to achieve a 100% vaccination rate for any vaccine, even if required, including COVID-19. But we want to get as close as we can!

Millions of people have been safely vaccinated and are now enjoying the peace of mind of knowing these vaccines are extremely effective at preventing COVID-19 altogether or minimizing its effects. As part of a community, we all must do what we can to protect each other; including getting as many people vaccinated as possible.

Beginning in July, we will begin regular drawings from the list of students and employees who have been vaccinated and have uploaded their supporting documentation. Winners of the drawings will receive prizes such as gift cards, meal swipes, etc. We strongly encourage those willing and able to get vaccinated and then upload your proof of vaccination!

To guide our efforts for the Fall Term, we are providing the attached documents that lay out our COVID-19 policies for students. It is important to note that the policies are based on current information and the status of the pandemic and are subject to change. As with any policy, it cannot address every possible situation.

Health and Safety

Hanover’s health and safety protocols include:

  • expanded opportunities to address mental and physical health needs through a partnership with TimelyMD, a telehealth provider.
  • relocation of Health Services to a less-congested campus location.
  • development of procedures for testing, quarantine and isolation (if needed).
  • modified dining arrangements through Parkhurst Dining, Hanover’s food-service provider, to support food-safety and enable social distancing.
  • requirement of face-coverings or other personal protective equipment in common areas.
  • installation of protective shields/barriers for customer service/transaction locations and additional hand-sanitizer stations throughout campus.
  • enhanced disinfectant protocols, including a disinfectant specialist, provided through WFF Facility Services, the College’s custodial contractor, to ensure all campus and high-traffic areas are regularly and thoroughly disinfected.
  • staggered campus move-in days with a requirement for face-coverings.
  • suspended study-abroad courses for the fall term.


Hanover's academic protocols include:

  • requirement of face-coverings or other personal protective equipment in all face-to-face classes.
  • requirement of social distancing indoors and during face-to-face classes.
  • faculty training for enhanced online instruction capabilities.

Campus Life and Experience

Hanover's effort to support student life and a "real" campus experience include:

  • housing arrangements and protocols to maximize togetherness that prioritizes student health and safety.
  • creative social activities that will enable student interaction while maintaining adequate physical distancing.
  • innovative virtual events to keep students connected and safe.
  • safe intercollegiate athletic programs in coordination with the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference.

Covid-19 Resources

Indiana COVID-19 Dashboard and Map

Learn more about COVID-19 at the Center for Disease Control website.


Admission visits

Can my high-school student visit campus?
Yes! On-campus admission visits are available on a limited basis. Appointments are required and all visitors are asked to wear a mask in accordance with campus policy. Schedule a visit.

Currently, our new virtual visit option is available.

What about the start of school next fall?
Hanover plans to be on-campus with a full slate of in-person, face-to-face classes next fall.

general questions

Is campus open to the public?

Campus offices are open and staffed with on-site personnel. Please note that appointments are requested for all in-person activity. The College's staff members also continue to be available by email and phone.

Employees or students remaining on-campus need to self-report travel on MyHanover. See MyHanover for more information specifically for employees.

Do I still have to wear a face-covering on campus?

Yes! Hanover will continue to follow its face-covering policies through the summer months.

Campus offices/services questions

Can I use the Horner Center?
The Horner Health and Recreation Center is only open to students, College employees and their dependents. The facility will have limited hours and may be closed with little notice.

Is the Levett Career Center open?
The Levett Career Center staff members and services are available on- and off-campus. Schedule an appointment via Handshake, email careercenter@hanover.edu, or call (812) 866-7127 for career assistance.

Can I use the Duggan Library?
At this time, the Duggan Library is only open to College employees by appointment. Please visit the Library’s COVID response guide for complete information on library in-person and remote services.