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Featuring faculty books and recent faculty articles from all academic departments and disciplines, the document below shows the many ideas that enrich the classroom experience at Hanover College.

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Speakers Bureau

John AhrensConstitutional Interpretation: Originalism, Textualism, and the Rule of Law
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
The First Amendment and Religious Freedom
The Second Amendment and Gun Control
The Philosophy of the American Revolution: John Locke and Natural Rights
Markets and Morality: The Political Philosophy of Adam Smith
Dustin A. BaileySpecial Education and Teachers
Assistant Professor and Chair Department of Educ.Classroom Management and Behavior
School Law and Teacher Liability
LBGTQ Issues in Education
Dominique Battles"Castles in Medieval England: - Not the Fairy Tale You Thought."
Professor of English"A Professor's Take on Home Schooling"
"Telling Her Story One Stitch at a Time: Needlework in Literature"
William R. BettlerPopular Culture
Professor of CommunicationPopular Music
Classical Music
Media Studies - esp. Rhetorical or Persuasive Aspects of the Media
Rachel D. DavidsonWomen in the Media
Visiting Professor of CommunicationMotherhood and Care giving
Rhetorical Leadership (Using Persuasive Language for the Betterment of Society)
Stephen Dine YoungIssues regarding film (or popular culture in general) and Psychology
Professor of Psychology
Jennifer DuplagaHanover College Archives and Collections
Archives and Public Services LibrarianGuarding your Treasures: Preservation of personal family history collections
Learn how to preserve your historic family treasures. This workshop will discuss
techniques for the handling and storage of photographs, scrapbooks, and printed
Scanning 101: Digitization standards and best practice for preservation of family
history collections. Learn how to use digitization as a preservation tool for your
historic family treasures. This workshop will look at best practices and discuss
some of the issues related to digitization, storage and access.
Using manuscripts for family history and genealogy research
John H. KrantzHuman-Computer Interactions
Professor of PsychologyHuman-Machine Interaction (Human Factors of ergonomics)
Human Sensory Abilities
Human Cognition (including decision making)
Diane L. MagaryMarketing/Marketing Strategy
Assistant Professor of Business Scholars ProgramStrategy Development
Basic Financial Management
Science-Related Careers in Business
Daniel L. MurphyAmerican History
Professor of HistoryMilitary History
Great Writers
Sean O'Neill"The Wonders of Roman Alexandria: A Motley Mosaic on the Egyptian Coast"
"The Roman Emperior as Pharaoh: Propaganda and Resistance in Early Imperial Egypt"
Assistant Professor of Classical Studies"The'REAL' Story of Troy: From Hmer to Hollywood"
"Archaeology at Eleutherian College: Gazing at the the 19th Century in Southeastern Indiana"
Sara PattersonReligious Freedom; Religion in the United States; Mormonism, Sacred Spaces;
Associate Professor of Theological StudiesReligion and Material Culture
Robin RyleGender (LGBT Issues, Transgender Issues, Intersex Issues, Gender Issues,
Associate Professor of SociologyBender in Cross-cultural and Historical perspective); Race/Ethnicity in the U.S.;
Environmental Sociology (food security, sustainable agriculture); Community and
Urban Sociology (Neighborhood Design, Walkablility, Place Making)
Kay StokesHigher education student success, transition to college, psychology of success
Special Assistant and Associate Professor of EnglishCollege-level time management and study skills, college-level academic expectations, etc.
Mi Yung YoonGender and Politics
Professor of International StudiesChallenges to America in the 21st Century
Sub-Saharan Africa Today
Valerie J. YoungHealth Communication
Assistant Professor of CommunicationHealth Promotion
Personal and Mediated Health Messages
The Dynamics of Health Communication
In-law Relationships