Hanover has gained recognition by offering students a rich blend of career planning programs designed to give you a taste of the real world before you graduate. On the list of career planning resources for college students, you can add two unusual and outstanding options that will catapult you towards your goals.

Take advantage of the chance to study off-campus for a semester while gaining useful career experience at the same time. These programs are the perfect opportunity to explore career possibilities and develop real-world insight into the field you intend to enter.

  • No additional tuition expense
  • Qualified academic credit to fulfill Hanover's full-semester requirements
  • Lots of choice - Multiple career fields in each of the numerous industries available
  • Guaranteed housing

The Philadelphia Center

Providing opportunities for professional exploration, intellectual development, and personal growth, in the heart of one of America's largest and most dynamic cities, The Philadelphia Center features more than 800 field placements along with one-of-a-kind seminars and independent living in an exciting urban setting. As an intern, you'll:

  • Work four days a week in a well-supervised position for academic credit
  • Participate in a city seminar
  • Take an elective course
  • Develop self-reliance by living independently
  • Learn to thrive in a wonderful and challenging new environment
  • Gain insights into new areas of personal and professional growth and inquiry

Visit The Philadelphia Center website: http://www.tpc.edu

The Washington Center

"Studying in DC for a semester was by far the best experience of my college career. I was able to get a sample of what life will be like out of college, once I graduate."

Sarah Cobine '11

As the seat of American government, Washington, D.C. is a natural setting for you to study politics. It also offers you opportunities in media, the arts, education, business, science, international affairs, and much more. The Center will help you develop a program that includes:

  • A substantial entry-level internship in your area of interest
  • A related academic course
  • Developing a portfolio documenting and summarizing your experience
  • Breakfast meetings with members of Congress
  • Lectures by distinguished leaders
  • Tours and topical discussion opportunities

Visit The Washington Center website: http://www.twc.edu

The Chicago Programs

Offering three distinct programs, Chicago Arts; Urban Studies; and Business, Entrepreneurship & Society, the Chicago Programs teaches participants to examine urban issues through all three of these lenses. The curriculum consists of four single-credit components, enabling you to engage academically, professionally, and personally with this dynamic city. You will earn a full semester's course load through:

  • A two-day per week internship (the Chicago Programs have contacts with over 350 internships sites in a wide array of fields),
  • A discipline-specific seminar course,
  • An interdisciplinary core course, and
  • A scholarly or creative independent study project in your area of interest.

To learn more, visit: Chicago Programs' website.

Learn more about these programs by contacting Margaret Krantz, Director of the Career Center at 812-866-7127 or e-mail careercenter@hanover.edu.