Director of Counseling Services

(812) 866-7399


Hometown: Madison, IN


What sort of things can students seek your help with? My most important job functions include: developing and supervising counseling programs offered on campus; providing individualized assessment, referral and counseling services; consulting and collaborating with faculty and staff on an as needed basis. Students seeking help are welcomed into a safe, judgment-free, confidential space to “think out loud” about issues of importance to them. Some students seek support during times of transition, with relationships, anxiety, depression, family or academic concerns. Whatever is important to the individual is where we start.

What did you do prior to Hanover? Served as Clinical Director of an outpatient Community Mental Health Agency.

What do you love about Hanover? I love connecting with people and being a part of their journey. Students at Hanover are bright, insightful and intuitive; it is very gratifying to see the “aha” experiences and witness personal growth. I find it meaningful to work with people who have a desire to make the world a better place which would describe most of our campus community.

What's your favorite place on campus or in Madison? One of my favorite places in Madison is the Broadway Fountain, home to Famers Market and Music in the Park. My favorite places on campus are Scenic Drive then walking across the Quad every morning.

Where have your (international) travels taken you, and what has been your favorite place? I have visited sixteen different countries and my favorite is always the one I’m visiting at the time. I am excited to hopefully return to Denmark during May term with students who are interested in learning more about Flourishing and Wellbeing.

If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be - and why? I have traced a bit of my ancestors’ migration during the 1700 & 1800s and visited some of those areas. If I discover more information, I would definitely follow wherever those trails might lead. I love a mystery.

What are some of your interests, and what sort of things keep you busy? I’ve restored three of my historic homes which is a never ending “hobby.” I also love to read and travel.

What's your pump-up song? I have many, but Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” will always do it for me.

Is there anything that you've always wanted to do but never have? I’m always interested in new experiences, so I have sort of a fluid bucket list.

What's something that your coworkers might not know about you? I spent more than a decade studying about the therapeutic powers of play.

What advice would you give to students who are beginning their college careers? 1.Remain open to new possibilities, 2. Continue or develop good self-care habits at the onset.

What’s your favorite way that you get to help/work with students? I enjoy meeting students one on one. I also enjoy meeting them in the classroom whether that is First Year 101 or a special topics class on Happiness & Wellbeing. Whenever I can facilitate the personal application of practical wisdom from Mindfulness and Positive Psychology for example, that’s a win-win.


MSW, LCSW Florida State University

Catherine Le Saux