Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life and Leadership

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Lindsay Faulstick is the Director of Residence Life & Leadership at Hanover College. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the residential housing on campus, oversees Student Involvement for campus, and develops leadership programs for Hanover students. She has worked in various functional areas of Student Affairs over the past 10 years of her professional career--Residence Life, Fraternity/Sorority Affairs, Student Activities, and Leadership Development. Lindsay is a 2007 graduate of Hanover College who returned in 2014 to serve her alma mater. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, watching Netflix series, and spending time with her husband, Ben '06 and dog Hurley. 

Hometown: Franklin, IN


What sort of things can students seek your help with? I Oversee housing/residential experience on campus; lead our student involvement team of staff members; facilitate the Outdoor Wilderness Leadership (OWL) program

What did you do prior to Hanover? I worked at Indiana University as graduate student, Roanoke College in Greek Life/Residence Life, and at Kenyon College in Housing/Residential Life

What do you love about Hanover? I love Hanover College for so many reasons. As an alumna of HC, I love that I can give back to students in ways that faculty and staff gave to me as a student. The community here is one of a kind, and a place where I am proud to raise my family.

What's your favorite place on campus or in Madison? I love the Point (where the stairs are) and walking around on our beautiful trails.

Who was your favorite professor here, and why? I could never begin to name my favorite, as I had excellent professors my whole way through. However, some top memories in courses I took from: Kate Johnson, Don Carrell, Kay Stokes, Robyn Ryle, and the late Keith Roberts.

Where have your (international) travels taken you, and what has been your favorite place? I went to Budapest and Brussels this spring, and Quebec this past winter. Amazing and so different from each other. Can’t pick a favorite!

If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be - and why? I’m going to Barcelona in October, and Spain has always been on my bucket list!

What are some of your interests, and what sort of things keep you busy? I love cooking, Netflix binge watching with my husband, and hiking/walking/travelling with my little boy, Wesley.

What's your pump-up song? “Stand By You” by Rachel Platten

What advice would you give to students who are beginning their college careers? Now is the time to try new things, lean into discomfort and conflict, and learn from every interaction you have on campus.

What’s your favorite way that you get to help/work with students? I thrive on getting to know students one-on-one through their residential or leadership opportunities. More so, I love celebrating successes and helping students work through challenges.


B.A. Hanover College (Sociology)

M.S. Ed. Indiana University (Higher Education and Student Affairs)

Lindsay Faulstick