Hannah Crail

A Richmond, Ind. resident, Hannah Crail ’21 is leaving Hanover with degrees in environmental biology and theology. She plans to soak up every last moment on campus before graduation.

“I chose to come to Hanover College because I was interested in pursuing a career in environmental science. Hanover's on-campus hiking trails, unique topography and proximity to state parks attracted me to the campus. I also enjoyed the intimate class settings with fewer students than a larger university.”

And her time has been filled with discovery, exploration and friendship.

“Hanover has provided me so many opportunities for discovery. My trips with the Geology Department and Club to national parks, such as Death Valley and the Grand Canyon, and my study abroad experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand, have enabled me to see more of the world. It has granted me countless opportunities to extend beyond my current location and to explore various landscapes and ecosystems.”

Along with delving into two very different academic passions, Crail enjoys being outdoors with her friends, whether wheeling around on bikes, trekking to the woods or basking in the sun. Her love of nature guided her towards founding and leading the Gardening Club in 2019.

“Many people on campus inspire me, but my advisors have been so incredibly kind as they guided me in my explorations and growth throughout my academic career. Dr. Glené Mynhardt and Dr. Michael Duffy have offered me insights into not only what I want to do but, who I wish to be.”

Over the summer, Crail hopes to gain environmental education experience and begin her journey to teach others about the natural world. She says, “I am excited to see where I end up.”