Jaelen Maxey

“I would say that I have accomplished everything that I desired at Hanover. I’ve done everything that I have set out to do,” confides Jaelen Maxey ’21 with a captivating smile that lights up his face.

From Indianapolis, Ind., Maxey chose to attend Hanover College because of the immersive classroom environment. His high school also had a small classroom size, which greatly improved his education.

A political science major, Maxey has been involved as a member and Student Senate representative for the Black Student Union (BSU). He says, “The experience has provided me the opportunity to engage with the student body and past alumni. Serving on the board [for BSU] has encouraged me to be confident in my status as a Hanover panther.”

Maxey also finds inspiration and motivation through his group of friends: “They have accomplished so much in their majors and have set a standard of excellence.” He enjoyed the time he spent attending Black Student Union events, hanging out with his friends and playing video games, even though “free time is a luxury when you are a senior.”

As he prepares to graduate, Maxey looks back fondly on the Hanover community: “I will miss [it] most of all. The ability to come together and have a great time is something that cannot be replaced… I hope that we continue to grow as an accepting community where all voices are heard. My four years at Hanover College have had its ups and downs but it is an experience that I would not exchange.”

Maxey found purpose in “the education that I designed for myself as well as the political environment. Truthfully, the small town that Hanover is located in is not my ideal choice to live; however, what I have learned from the student community and the decisions made by the Board of Trustees have provided me with the reality of life outside of college.”

His experiences at Hanover have given Maxey the drive to build up his political experience and run as a candidate for Indianapolis’ 7th Congressional District. He is excited about the possibilities after college: “I believe that I have an enormous range of opportunities.”