Dayna Dale

Dayna Dale ’21 came to Hanover College to play golf, but she also has a personal connection to campus.

“I chose to come to Hanover not only for the wonderful golf team but also the various inspirational Hanover stories from my grandparents who met and got married on campus. As soon as I met some amazing people and took a walk around the beautiful campus, I knew that I was home.”

From Andrews, Ind., Dale has kept busy on campus while studying psychology and theology. She is the recruitment chair for Best Buddies, vice president of the Hanover College Dance Team, education outreach coordinator and Student Senate representative for the Psychology Club, a proud member of the Hanover women's golf team and an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta.

She attributes her growth as a student and leader to her friends and family, along with her advisors: “The golf team and I have become closer than ever during this difficult time of the pandemic. The motivational women of Kappa Alpha Theta have shown me unconditional support and love for what I do on and off-campus. The faculty on campus encouraged me to work hard for my education, along with meeting long-lasting friendships along the way who push me to become a better individual.”

Dale also credits her successes to the services on campus for people with learning disabilities, such as herself.

She finds joy in dancing at halftime with the dance team at sporting events, traveling to golf events with the golf team, spending time with her boyfriend and podmates. As spring term winds down, Dale anticipates spending time with her fellow Hanoverians and soaking up the sights of Madison.

“Although my time at Hanover is coming to an end, I will forever cherish the moments and memories that I have on campus. It has been quite an interesting journey filled with the ups and downs of life. I look forward to seeing what life will be like outside of Hanover!”

Dale is excited to work toward her dream career as a mental health therapist. She says, “My plans after graduation are to take a gap year and pursue a job at Hopebridge, located in Jeffersonville, IN where I will be working with autistic and other disordered children who need positive reinforcement in their life. After performing at this job for about a year, I plan on starting my search for graduate schools to further my education and reach my dream of working for an agency in mental health counseling and psychotherapy.”