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Members of the Hanover Community,

Today, the American flag near my home flies at half-staff in response to the tragic and senseless murder of eight women in the Atlanta area, as directed by President Biden. Details are still emerging, but we know that six of these women were of Asian descent, adding to the rapidly growing cases of assault, harassment, violence and killing of Asian-Americans in our nation today.

Racism has many forms in our society, and discrimination, harassment and violence against Asian and Pacific Islands people is one of them. It also has a long, ugly history, including legal discrimination against Chinese immigrants in the 19th century and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. More recently, we have seen attacks spurred by the labeling of the COVID virus pandemic as the fault or creation of China.

As individuals and as a Hanover community, we must condemn all racially motivated violence, hatred and exploitation. I know too, that I have much to learn about the growing frequency of racial violence against Asian and Pacific Island peoples, and I hope you will join me in seeking to understand and respond.

Recognizing the pain, anguish and suffering that many in our community may feel, if you or someone you know needs to process or discuss these events, our student life staff, including our counselors and chaplain, is available to you. Constance Pope, Hanover’s director of multicultural affairs, will soon send additional information about resources as well as opportunities for community reflection, learning and campus conversation in the days ahead.

Lake Lambert, Ph.D.