Are you a rising high school senior with questions about how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the college admissions process? If so, you’re not alone, follow the link below to listen to the questions asked and advice shared with over 500 participants during the COVID-19 and College Admissions: What Now? webinar hosted by the Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky associations for college admission counseling.

I had the opportunity to serve on a panel of college admission experts to answer questions such as:

  • I didn’t get a chance to visit college campuses as planned this spring, will I be behind in the process?
  • Will my AP test results count?
  • I didn’t take the SAT/ACT exam, will this affect my chances of getting admitted?
  • In light of my cancelled activities, how can I differentiate myself on the college application and essay?

For answers to YOUR questions, reach out to the Hanover Admissions staff, our team is ready to help.

As vice president for strategy and enrollment, Chris Gage serves to guide the institutional enrollment objectives and strategic plan in consultation with all stakeholders. Gage is an experienced enrollment professional with progressive leadership responsibilities at Hanover College.