On behalf of Hanover College, let me first say that I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty. Especially during this challenging time, I wanted to reach out to let you know what Hanover College has done and is doing to ensure the safety - and continued education - of our students. I know it’s important for you to understand the steps we are taking now, should a similar situation arise in the future.

Let me be very clear and direct. The safety and wellbeing of each of our students has been and will continue to be the driving force behind Hanover College decisions. When the COVID-19 situation began to unfold, Hanover College took swift action based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In an appropriately escalating manner, Hanover College canceled large events, encouraged social distancing, and ultimately made the difficult decision to cancel in-person classes for this term, moving to distance-learning.

To ensure current and future students continue to receive an education worthy of them and of Hanover, and to help prospective students have much-needed support, we have taken a number of actions across departments. A summary of this activity is below.

To ensure incoming students and families have the resources they need, the Admissions Office has implemented the following:

  • Moved the Deposit Deadline to June 1, 2020.
  • Established several financial aid call nights per week to answer questions.
  • Recorded a walking tour of campus to post for our Visit page.
  • Sending Virtual Reality “campus tour” goggles to admitted students.
  • Working on live chats and faculty videos for admitted students.
  • On-campus visits are moving to a virtual platform.

To ensure we continue to deliver academic excellence, our Academic Affairs team has implemented the following:

  • A Remote Teaching Support task force was formed to determine how classroom teaching could be best moved online.
  • The Registrar immediately began looking at how moving online would affect students in terms of credits and progress toward their degree.
  • Extended Online Class Registration for Fall 2020.
  • Adjusted the academic calendar for Winter 2020 to allow the required number of instructional weeks and exam week.
  • The Registrar is working with students on a case by case basis to accommodate or make adjustments for their academic progress and/or graduation needs.

To ensure current students can maximize their educational experience, the Student Success team has implemented the following:

  • Communicating regularly with parents and family members using the Hanover Parent Portal.
  • Created a guide for Faculty, Students and Parents to support student success virtually
  • Worked with Enrollment to create a list of virtual information sessions for students and parents on multiple topics
  • Trained all tutors on using virtual tutoring formats and strategies
  • Creating “Panther Days” for June 26 and June 27 to offer on campus personal touch.

To ensure current students stay engaged with their community of learners, the Student Life team has implemented the following:

  • Created Student Life Services “While We’re Away” guide for students.
  • Housing selection moved to online.
  • Compiling and sending weekly Student Life newsletter with support and engagement opportunities.
  • Created push notification on Hanover App to share up-to-date information with students regarding important items.

The activities outline above are by no means all-inclusive, and our leadership team is in daily conversation on how we can support our students during this challenging time. I am aware that you may have uncertainty about what the next year brings – but rest assured – Hanover College will marshal all its resources to ensure our incoming first-year students have the best educational experience possible.